Fitness equipment is actually a lifestyle choice—a decision to be healthy. That’s why it’s crucial to do it right. While it’s tempting to buy fitness equipment from an online source after seeing an attractive photo or review, or from anyone who deceptively discounts their merchandise, it’s absolutely crucial to be informed—not impulsive—in this matter. When done right and customized to your needs, fitness equipment can usher in exciting life changes.

Purchase a solution—not just a product.

Imagine, for example, a new treadmill that comes with irreplaceable features like a certified fitness expert who’s always within reach; a customized diet and workout regimen to help you maximize your goals; and an in-house tech service department with award-winning service technicians. Imagine all the necessary components you need to help you attain peak fitness, all included with your product to ensure it serves as more than just a machine, but a solution. That’s our job.

Choose service above all else.

At Priority 1 Fitness, our trained fitness consultants understand every aspect of our equipment while learning your exact fitness requirements and objectives. With degrees ranging from exercise science, to nutrition, to certified personal training, we can recommend the right equipment—and lifestyle choices—you need to achieve real results that last. After all, fitness is one arena that doesn’t allow shortcuts. That’s why our approach to customer service goes far beyond the sale. We’ll work with you personally to ensure you’re on the best path to a fitter, stronger, happier you.

Whether you’re actively seeking fitness equipment or you just have questions, call, click or come by a Priority 1 Fitness today for a customer service experience that’s second to none.  |  (402) 330-1133