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Staying Healthy with Kids and a Career

Staying healthy in today’s world of fast food, social media, and Netflix is a challenge.  Throw in children and a career and a lot of people deem it nearly impossible.  This daunting task is not nearly as hard as you might think though.  I’m going to list some simple steps and tips to help you […]

The E-Bike Revolution


 So what is with these electric bikes and why are they getting so popular?  Aren’t they expensive?  If you are using them for exercise, isn’t that cheating?  Let’s see if we can answer those questions here.

In Order to Succeed, You Have to Prepare


You see, in order to succeed, you have to set yourself up for success. That means you have to prepare. So many people completely miss their New Year goals simply because they go into it almost on a whim and don’t put in any preparation. So How do we prepare for a New Year’s resolution?

Getting Back to Running

Every one of us can get pulled away from our workout routine. Whether that is simply falling off the band wagon, an interruption in routine by vacation, or winter weather preventing us from going outside, there are many reasons we take a hiatus from working out. Getting back into your routine can be challenging. If […]

Identifying Overtraining

In the US, there is evidence of severe undertraining by the fact that obesity is all over the place. There are individuals that take things to the opposite extreme though and end up overtraining which can be just as harmful. Here are a few signs that you might be overtraining.

Lack of exercise twice as deadly as obesity

At Priority 1 Fitness, we believe in helping everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle. A recent article by the American Council of Exercise has pointed out the benefits the most simple exercise routines can have, and the dangers of the lack of exercise. Our certified trainers can help put you on the track for a healthier […]

New Year’s Resolution? We’ll help you do it right.

It’s that time of year again. A time when many people start researching ways to meet New Year’s Resolutions. Thoughts of beach-bodies and shedding holiday weight cross our minds as we start the ever-so-dangerous task of reading online reviews. The web is full of sites, each offering a set of user and expert reviews. That’s […]

Seeking Fitness Equipment? Read this first.

Fitness equipment is actually a lifestyle choice—a decision to be healthy. That’s why it’s crucial to do it right. While it’s tempting to buy fitness equipment from an online source after seeing an attractive photo or review, or from anyone who deceptively discounts their merchandise, it’s absolutely crucial to be informed—not impulsive—in this matter. When […]